Learn to Play New Teen Patti Live by Evolution

If you have never played this game before, there is nothing to fear! We will go in-depth on how to play this title, and everything Evolution offers with it.

How to play Teen Patti Live?

Teen Patti is a game widely prevalent in India. It is a variant of three card poker, using poker hands to determine the winner. Furthermore, you play Evolution’s release against a dealer. The dealer needs a Queen High or better to qualify.

Players must place an Ante bet when a round begins to participate in the round. Casino members can play one of two side bets with the Ante wager. After the timer expires, the dealer draws three cards for the player and three cards for themselves. The host’s cards get dealt face down, meaning we cannot see them immediately.

Casino members then need to decide if they want to Play or Fold the round. The Play bet is equal to the Ante bet. Forfeiting allows you to end the round early if you think you cannot win, but it means you lose the Ante wager. The goal is to get a better three-card poker hand than the dealer.

Only your Ante bet pays if the host fails to qualify for the round. The Ante and Play wagers pay if the dealer qualifies and you have the better poker hand. If the host has the better hand, you lose both your stakes. In case of a tie, the round ends in a push. Teen Patti Live’s Ante bet has a 96.63% RTP.

Teen Patti Live Side Bets

This game has two side bets we can play. One is the Pair Plus wager. It requires players to form the Pairs or Better hand with their three cards. The Pair Plus side bet’s RTP is 95.51%.

Pair pays 1:1Flush pays 4:1Straight pays 5:1Three-of-a-kind pays 30:1Straight Flush pays 40:1Mini Royal pays 100:1

The second side bet is the six-card bonus. This side bet checks all six cards on the table to form a valid three-card poker hand. Furthermore, you need a three-of-a-kind or better to win a cash prize. The RTP for this side bet is 91.44%.

Three-of-a-kind pays 7:1Straight pays 10:1Flush pays 15:1Full House pays 20:1Four-of-a-kind pays 100:1Straight Flush pays 200:1Royal Flush pays 1,000:1

Finally, the game has an Ante Bonus. This wager automatically pays if your main bet’s card combination is Straight or better.

Straight pays 1:1Three-of-a-kind pays 4:1Straight Flush pays 5:1

Final Thoughts

Evolution did a great job polishing the game and making it look fantastic. This release will feel immediately familiar if you have played Teen Patti before. Even if you are new, it will not take long to learn this game and enjoy what it offers. The team at Livecasino24.com had a blast playing this title, and we wholeheartedly recommend checking it out!