Betamo Casino Introduces the Thrilling Holidays Tournament


09-20-2022 – Betamo is one of the rare names in the international iGaming world that ensures it keeps up with all trends and knows exactly what players want to keep them engaged. That is why we saw plenty of summer tournaments being hosted by the operator, but the fun does not stop as autumn nears.

Towards the end of the sunny days, Betamo announced that it has launched a special Grand Holidays Tournament with a prize pool of a stunning €500,000. All players can participate in this tournament, with the win potential being simply stunning.

This tournament will be valid for a longer time, so Betamo ensures to keep every player engaged all the time by implementing innovative terms and conditions. With all that being said, let’s see what you can expect when loading the participating games of the Grand Holidays Tournament.

Tournament Info

The Grand Holidays Tournament will be active until February 2023, so there is enough time for everyone to take part and aim for the biggest wins.

What is interesting here is that there are different participating games for the tournament which change every couple of weeks. However, you need to know that the participating games of each round will also be available for the next one, so the total number of games in the final round in the Grand Holidays Tournament will be 141.

Betamo Grand Holidays Tournament

Each round has its own name, and, at the moment, the ongoing round is called BeerFest. You can find all this information on the promotion section itself, where you can find additional info such as:

Dates for the roundsParticipating gamesThe prize pool for the roundNumber of winners

As mentioned, the current round is called BeerFest and the prize pool for it is €15,000, with 70 players sharing the prize. The participating games for this round are:

Beer O’ClockBeer Collection 10 linesBeer Collection 20 LinesBeer Collection 30 LinesBeer Collection 40 LinesLucky Mr PatrickLucky Mrs PatrickBook of CloversFruits Collection 10 LinesFruits Collection 20 LinesFruits Collection 30 LinesFruits Collection 40 LinesPenny Fruits

What About the Terms and Conditions?

Each win you make will reward you with a different score based on the applied win multiplier. As an example, if you bet €1 and win €10, you will get 10 points. The logic here is very simple – the more points you collect, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be.

Speaking of the leaderboard, it includes all registered players at Betamo participating in the tournament. Moreover, 10% of the score each player makes during every round in the tournament will be collected as credit points and it will be added to their final score in the final, 19th round.

Keep in mind that the minimum qualifying bet for each round in the Grand Holidays Tournament is €0.2. Apart from that, there are no additional costs or wagers required by players in the tournament. You will automatically be enrolled in the tournament by wagering the minimum required bet at least once in the participating games.

Every player in the tournament will get a unique Tournament ID for the leaderboard based on the currency they play with. If you reset the currency during the tournament, you may see your progress on the leaderboard also reset.

If there are two or more punters with the same number of points at the end of the rounds, the one who has reached the point tally first will be ranked higher. Furthermore, if you use cryptocurrencies for your wagers, all prizes will be displayed in EUR.